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Going to Maine

Pre-order Sally's memoir "Going to Maine: All the Ways to Fall on the Appalachian Trail" out September 10, 2024.

Going to Maine book cover. Orange background with white title. Black water bottle pictured with stickers of hikers on it.

From comedian Sally Chaffin Brooks comes a memoir about the thing she can't seem to shut up about-- her life changing thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.


25-year-old Sally has no reason to upend her comfortable, conventional life to spend 5 months hiking the Appalachian Trail; no reason except that her charismatic best friend, Erin, asked her to come along. A woefully out-of-shape Sally quickly realized she may not actually be prepared for the realities of thru-hiking-- brutal weather, wrong turns, and painful blisters have her wanting to quit almost as soon as she starts. But out of loyalty to Erin, or maybe the sinking realization that her life needed upending, Sally sticks it out. As she and Erin trek from Georgia to Maine, they collect a ratag band of hikers and together stumble from one hilarious (and sometimes scary) predicament to another. By the time she reaches Maine--accompanied by Erin, their crew, and a guy she's maybe (definitely) falling in love with--readers will cheer for the stronger, more self-assured Sally that has emerged and wish they could start the laugh-out-loud, life-affirming adventure all over again.


"Going to Maine is the perfect mix of heartfelt and laugh-out-loud funny, and with this book, Sally Chaffin Brooks establishes herself as a stand-out writer you'll want to follow anywhere." - Bobcat Goldthwait, Director and Comedian

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