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Cover for album "Street Bird"

NEW ALBUM "Street Bird" out now!

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Recorded at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati, Ohio with Helium Records, released October, 2022.

Debuted at #1 on both Apple Music and Amazon.


"Fast, smart, and funny as all hell... it's a bounce from laugh to laugh with just the right measure of pause to let it sink in before getting into the meat of the next joke."- Showbiz Monkeys

Cover for album "Brooks was here"

First album "Brooks Was Here" 

Released December, 2015 with Blonde Medicine 

"NYC-based comic Sally Brooks unleashes a relentless wit on her debut album." - Pandora Radio


"[Sally Brooks] is one of the hardest working comics in the business." - The Laugh Button


"[Brooks] is a rising star." -

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